The Star Tribune featured the stories of two LeadMN student leaders as they juggle being a parent and student during the pandemic.
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We recap all the LeadMN news for the past month.
In written testimony before the Minnesota State Board of Trustees, LeadMN President Mayowa told the board that they "should not use the pandemic to hide from the concerns of students, faculty and staff. If anything, this crisis should be a call for more engagement to address these problems rather than less."
Today Governor Walz released his administration’s budget proposal for the 2022-23 biennial budget. Here are some of the highlights for Minnesota’s community and technical college students.
The Star Tribune covered LeadMN's effort to urge colleges to spend federal stimulus money to support students. The article says that students "are pushing for the one-time funding to be used to freeze tuition, forgive some debts and invest in campus mental health services."
LeadMN wrote a letter to the Federal Communication Commission on how participating providers in the new Emergency Broadband Connectivity Fund should verify that a household is eligible to participate based on the receipt of a federal Pell Grant.
The Minnesota State Taskforce on Law Enforcement Education Reform began work this fall in response to the murder of George Floyd. LeadMN and other stakeholders called for the creation of the group to fix the problems with police officer training programs.
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